New Smyrna Beach Jazz Festival Testimonials

"Writing is the easy part of an author’s work. It’s the promoting that’s difficult, mainly because of the complexities of effecting internet strategies, made much more taxing by the technological challenges, which drive me batty. Intermissions from these stressful, time-consuming conditions are necessary, and my friend Joe, alias Indiana Joe, and I drove to New Smyrna Beach (Florida) in September for the best jazz festival I’ve ever experienced. No less than 29 combos performed in 29 indoor venues over a three-day weekend. No cover charges. I thought these would be amateurish local bands, and was I ever wrong. All were of at least equal caliber to southeast Florida’s musicians. Some come from the jazz program at the University of Central Florida, the second largest university in the country, and others perform at clubs in Orlando and at Disney World. I was so taken by the area – unfailingly friendly people – that I’m planning to visit Orlando in early January, possibly with Joe or another friend. So many more cultural attractions than here: jazz spots, classical concerts, ballroom dance studios, maybe even some affordable theater." Learn more about Bob Brink's work
This is Florida's BEST small-town, FLORIDA jazz festival. The artists, the venues, and the community all come together to create a great jazz experience for everyone attending. Jazz & Blues Florida truly believes this is the way to draw new people into the world of jazz appreciation. It is all about real music, made by real people, in real places. Thank you!
Charlie Boyer
Love going every year. Great performers. Some give me chills; they are so talented. The variety of the music is fulfilling. Going from venue to venue is an adventure in restaurants & shops I haven't attended before. Must do. Advice: go early to get a good spot at the popular events.
Carmel Bohlen
Such a great event each year! Marc does an excellent job of putting it together and seeing him at the venues you can tell he loves it. All the wonderful groups and it’s FREE - amazing! Great job picking groups with my favorite - saxophone!
Joe Snyder
What an amazing festival and the work that must go into keeping this going year after year is mind boggling. And its all FREE. Thanks to all who make this happen.
Kim Long
Excellent all the way. Great musicians. Great variety of jazz pieces. Variety of venues in this lovely cozy beach town. Well organized. Free!! Do you know what you'd pay for this in Chicago, New Orleans?
Barb Foutch
Great event in a variety of interesting venues with some excellent talent. I really enjoyed every aspect of my day there! Hats off to the organizers for a great event at a great price!
Mike Dambro
In New Smyrna Beach, Fla., the century began on a high note that has been celebrated every year. We speak of the Jazz Festival in late September, the 19th now in the history books. Jazz lovers everywhere, this is an event that belongs on your calendars. Marc Monteson and a jazz fan I discovered the New Smyrna Beach Jazz Festival last year, and was blown away by the almost 30 combos that performed two days and four nights, all in indoor venues. The whole town is involved, with businesses up and down the streets hosting performances. And amazingly, all but one are free. Festival promoter Marc Monteson orchestrates a logistic and diplomatic tour de force in organizing the event. His dictum has prevailed: Jazz should be heard indoors. Indeed, it can be compared to classical chamber music, which requires acoustics not provided by outdoor settings. Read full article
Hats off to Marc!!! One of the most spectacular event in NSB...
Fran Gustavson Bremer